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The box said to put the popcorn in for two to four minutes. It never specified that putting it in for two minutes meant it didn't pop at all, and putting it in for four mean it came out like charcoal, stinking out the entire apartment, and halting, rather impressively, the plans Eva and Tom had for the evening.

It was the first time, in days, there hadn't been a Digimon attack, and the first time in days neither of them had been exhausted and wanted to go to bed early, or had already made plans to do something. They had kept the evening free. Eva finished work early, and Tom completed the errands he needed to do, and he was able to pick her up from the bakery.
They'd rented a couple of movies that hadn't been able to see yet, and Tom bought a couple of packets of 'do-it-yourself' popcorn. One had already been demolished by Irbimon and Poemon, and the other Tom had left in Eva's care while he'd set up the DVD. It had filled the apartment with the smell of burning, and Eva's face had fallen, pouring it out into a glass bowl.

She had apologized profusely, and said they should just watch the movie without popcorn. But Tom was adamant it was necessary. He had been amused by Eva's over-reaction to ruining the treat, and had left, to return with more while Eva cleared up. Poemon had gone with him, to be on the safe side.

"What a waste..." Irbimon commented sadly, watching as Eva threw the burnt and acrid smelling popcorn in the trash. "You klutz."

"It was an accident!" Eva wailed, putting the glass bowl back on the counter. She probably said that phrase six or seven times in the last ten minutes. Irbimon knew it had been an accident, but just liked to tease her. Eva flopped down on the couch and pulled a cushion into her chest, pouting at few snippets of scenes running on the DVD they had rented. She'd been looking forward to the film for some time, a new one featuring Michael Cera. She hadn't found time to see it in the cinema, and now had to wait another ten or twenty minutes for Tom to come back in order to finally get to watch it and draw her own conclusions on whether or not the film lived up to the hype or not.

Irbimon clicked the 'mute' button on the TV remote and climbed up onto the sofa beside Eva, grinning. "We haven't had time together in the apartment just you and me for ages!" He said throwing his arms out dramatically. Eva grinned behind her cushion. "We should get more time together."

"It has been a while." Eva murmured, lowering the cushion to speak properly. "But it's not like we know when we're going to get attacked or not."

"I know." Irbimon agreed, sitting back, his tail dangling off the sofa. "But it couldn't hurt to try and get some time just you and me, without Tom or Poemon around. They get time together here after all, when you're at work."

"True." Eva said thoughtfully. "What would we do though? Can I put a pretty bow in your fur and dress you up like a doll?" She grinned playfully, Irbimon's face dropped: he was not amused.

"Not funny. I'm being serious." Irbimon complained, disliking how Eva was making a mockery out of what he believed to be a serious subject. "After all, everyone else gets time alone with their partners too."

"Yes, but they don't live with anyone else... except James. Tom and I live together." Eva explained patiently. She put the cushion down in her lap, sitting up straight, "and say we did managed to get some time just you and me, what would we do?"

"We never used to have trouble finding things to do when I was Uncimon. We could do those things." Irbimon said after a short moment's thought. "I know I can't go out walking with you, or anything. But we could do stuff here. Like... I dunno, bake a cake."

"Bake a cake?" Eva repeated.

Irbimon shrugged, "it's an idea."

"It is an idea." Eva confirmed, "a terrible idea. The last time you and I tried to bake anything together, you got flour all over your fur, split a jug of water on you so it all congealed together and I had to give you a bath."

Irbimon's ears flattened. "Maybe not baking then. How about... uhm... sewing?"

"I don't know how." Eva said, "unless its sewing on buttons. Besides, why sewing? Do you want a little Irbimon sized suit?" She teased.

Unperturbed, Irbimon continued to list other ideas, surfing (too wet), painting (too messy), home improvement (too dangerous). Eva suggested cleaning, Irbimon rebuffed it as too boring.

Eva smiled gently as Irbimon sat in thought trying to think up more activities they could do together in the apartment, to not run the risk of him being see. She rubbed her hands over Irbimon's ears affectionately. "Why so desperate to spend time with me?"

"I just think it's a good idea. After all we haven't for ages." Irbimon shrugged, "I didn't think you'd be so against it."

"I'm not against it." Eva explained, "I'm all for it. We just have to find something the two of us can do, that doesn't involve anything that can go wrong."

"That's everything." Irbimon said dryly.

"Not true." Eva giggled, reaching across the sofa and pulling Irbimon towards her, into her lap. She scratched his ears and cheeks with her fingernails, and then the back of his head, just above his neck. Soon enough he purring like a kitten in her lap, completely lucid and relaxed. "This isn't going wrong, is it?"

"Mhmmmph..." Irbimon replied. Words he obviously meant to say coming out as one long muffled and lazy sounding syllable, a signal that he was relatively happy for the time being, and could remain so as long as Eva kept up her ministrations. Eva grinned to herself, leaning back on the sofa and staring at the ceiling while continuing to pet the snow leopard Digimon in her lap. His purring filled the room like a soft consistent 'whirring' sound, and it was one Eva rarely heard any more.

He had a point, they did need to spend more time together as a pair, it was important for them, not just as friends but also as tamer and Digimon to keep their bond strong. After all they had both witnessed what happened when the bond cracked even a little bit and wasn't repaired in time, and it had been a lesson for both of them, and not one they wanted to ever repeat.

"You know, maybe we could just... do this." Eva suggested slowly, "every week or something, get Tom out of the apartment with Poemon, and just sit together with a movie on or the TV. It's not dangerous, nothing can go wrong... seems like a pretty perfect idea, doesn't it?"

Irbimon opened his big eyes slowly. His pupils had dilated to the size of dinner plates, adding further proof that he was enjoying the attention being show him. "Throw some food into the deal and I'll think about it." He said slowly, his words slurring together as he tried with some difficulty to talk coherently.

Eva grinned to herself, wrapping her arms around Irbimon and hugging him. "I think I can work some munchies into the bargain."

Irbimon's purrs became louder and he snuggled up against Eva happily. Keys jangled in the door, as it opened and Tom walked back in, Poemon in tow. They both carried a bag each.

"I thought you were just getting popcorn." Eva stated, looking over her shoulder at the pair as they decanted the groceries on the counter.

"It made sense to stock up on the things we needed." Tom explained, "shall I be in charge of the popcorn this time?" He asked, holding up a packet.

Eva grinned sheepishly and sunk her face into Irbimon's fur.
[Please ignore my incredibly lame title.]

A horribly belated birthday gift for *xuza

An (incredibly random) short/drabble about Eva and Irbimon. Also featuring Tom and Poemon.

I had so many ideas for what I wanted to write for *xuza's present, but when it came down to it, none of them came out how I wanted them too, so when her birthday finally roll around, I had nothing to show for it.
Since then I've been working like crazy, and also working on Reboot writing-wise, and its taken a lot of my attention.

However this evening I felt the need to write something simple, easy and that wouldn't involve a lot of ... not effort, but not as much intensity as I sometimes have to put into Reboot. Something fun and easy.
So I went to a prompt website I like to use, found one which featured the word 'popcorn'. Got an idea and went with it. Before I knew it I was writing a little Eva and Irbimon snippet, like a view into their relationship.

Its not very long (its a drabble like I said) but uhm... hopefully *xuza likes it?


Eva Jarvis, Irbimon and Poemon belong to *xuza
Tom Lay belongs to ~tomgeist and *xuza
Digimon Reboot belongs to *xuza, *snoppy and *Silveritis
Logo made by *xuza
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xuza Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011   Digital Artist
Aw hun! That was so, SO adorable, thank youuuuu! ;^; *smotherhug!*
I can just see giant-pupil Irbimon now, oh man that is adorable. It's true, aside from that awkward fight they had, they really don't get moments like this to themselves (darn boy ruining stuff :P), it's such a sweet little thing to see <333 I love it!! |D
bluster-squall Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Yaaayyy~ I r glad you liked it. ^^
I love thinking about Digimon/partner interaction, as that's what Digimon is meant to be about. And I like writing Eva and Irbimon. They're an interesting pair, I think.
And yes, huge-dilated pupil Irbimon was a mental image I had to use. ^^
[Also, when we announce the contest, this can be used as an example of the drabble lengths I'll be doing, is that okay?]
CaramelCheese Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011  Student
Awww, this is really sweet! I always enjoy these little looks into the relationships between human and Digimon partners.
bluster-squall Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
^^ Thank you. I really like human and partner interaction. Digimon is what that is about, after all, and consider Reboot is so human focused at times, its nice to do these little things. :]
Love-is-just-a-spell Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey it's good and cute hope :iconxuza: likes it
bluster-squall Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you~
Turns out she did, so that's good. ^^
Love-is-just-a-spell Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Welcome love
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